Holiday Cards

Have I mentioned that my daughter Sarah is a graphic designer? 
She designed my logo and stationary for my business and blog. 
She is very talented and her design company is called January designs.  

              Every year around this time she designs                a collection of Holiday Cards for her friend       and past clients. 
        This year she used vintage ephemera and                  botanical prints as her inspiration. 

She is an avid collector of all things vintage, especially paper related things.

 You can see more of her cards and on her Etsy shop here where she sells them. 

The card above is my favorite. 
I love the pattern in the background.

She used a needle and thread to create the design above.
 I love the Art Deco feel!

Her photographer friends, Kelli and Brooke, gave Sarah these images to use on her cards.

Along with doing commercial work, she also is a collage artist. 

Her and her husband love the ocean and both surf.....
 so most of her collage work reflects her love of the sea.

Most of her collages are made from vintage ephemera, some as early as the 1920's!

She also sells her collage work on Etsy.

You can see more of her work on her website here!


Noir and CFC

 I save pictures when I recognize pieces of furniture from companies that I like. 
 That way I can show clients what they look like in a room...

(Blackband Interiors)

I've used  Noir and C.F.C.
They are sister companies and C.F.C. does custom work.

(C.F.C and Blackband Interiors)

(Blackband Interiors and Noir) 

(Entry Table, Noir)

(Dresser C.F.C, Houzz)

(Side table Noir, coffee table C.F.C. and Houzz)

I went to C.F.Cs  warehouse and took some pictures of their products..

They were working on this dresser and it really looked like an old piece.

I love the paint effect of this dresser.

They are going to turn this space into a showroom...its probably done by now.

I'm using this table in a clients home, its from C.F.C.

I wish I had a use for this piece...it was to big...but I loved it! If you want to take a peek at the products go here


Organic and Agoura Antique Mall

My daughter and I have been going to an organic farm and buying our vegetables...
We have decided to buy organic, non GMO . 
My veggies are lasting a lot longer, taste better and its cheaper...Plus I get to hang with my daughter...

For the life of me.. I can't remember the name of these darn tomatoes...probably to much GMO in my diet over the years...But, a little fresh basil and balsamic on these puppies ...YUM!

We always have butter and garlic on our artichokes...

A trip to Agoura Antique store to buy two of these beauties for a client...they are 2 feet tall...perfect for a buffet!

I fell in love with this lamp!

This picture was a beauty!

And she stole my heart!

Dang...Isn't she cute!
 Grand babies are so much fun! 

OK...Heirloom tomatoes...I think!


Clients Wainscoting

I survived the O.R.C. and I'm so glad things are back to normal....

It was a great way to get my family room done....or at least for now! 

I wanted to share an up-date on the project I'm working on...its been a lot of fun...
The colors and the fabrics are some of my favorites....
The Ralph Lauren in the middle is for the dining room chairs and a pillow for the sofa...
The blue fabric on the right and the stripes are also for pillows...
The red leaf pattern will go on two chairs in the living room and the blue fabric at the top left will be for an ottoman..

The white fabric with the leaf print will be for  drapery...

This and the one below are before shots...we took the wall down behind the chair.

This is what it looks like now...we have a new chandelier coming..its from Aiden Gray...

I can't wait to see it!

The entry way piece will be painted the same color as the walls and go into the living room.
 I wanted it to look like it was a built in display area..

This is what the entry way looks like now

This is the living room and part of the entry way piece that will go against the wall....we took the doors off so my client could display items.

We added a window above this one...it lets in so much light and now balances with the other window.

New window...

Inspiration image

We are using this chair but stained in a dark walnut...almost black.

This will go on the chairs...the wood floors will start this week and the furniture has been ordered....were just hoping it will be done for Christmas..
Our fingers are crossed!



I can't believe I got this done in time....
If some of you don't know, I joined the One Room Challenge ...
I had 6 weeks to redecorate a room...
Linda from Calling it Home Blog came up with this idea and its become quite a thing!
 You can check out the other bloggers who participated here.

I bought a new sofa, new pillows and reupholstered my ottoman....
My lamps are vintage and so is much of the pottery...the flag is also vintage...my husband had it framed for me....its missing two states...its so cool!
 It's a little big for the area...but we love it!

The lanterns in the back are new and so is this vintage porcelain vase. 

The little blue jar is from Anthro.
 The pillow on the left is a Robert Allen fabric and the right is a Ralph Lauren.

This space was a challenge...anything but white looked to busy...

This is my new table and chair pads....
The vintage pot in the middle is a porcelain piece that I love.  

Unfortunately I still have tile!
Someday I'll redo the whole kitchen.

I found this island at an antique store...I didn't do a thing to it...I decided to leave the worn patina and marble alone.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my family room and kitchen.... 
 If you want to see the before pictures check out week one here, week two here, week three here, week four here and  week five here.

Don't forget to check out Linda's blog, Calling it Home....you can see all the other bloggers who  participated here.

One Kings Lanes

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